YouTrack makes managing issues easier by cutting the time spent rifling through bugs, tasks and reports and increasing productivity. It comes with agile boards to track when an issue’s open, in progress or fixed, pre-set reports to keep abreast of issues by project, assignee and priority, and smart search, commands and shortcuts so you can quickly hunt down what you’re after.

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PMM Reviews: “One of the things I use YouTrack for is product releases. Every major release has a typical set of issues (prepare content, prepare the design, prepare the text for UI, etc.). With a special workflow, I can create one release task and it automatically creates all the subtasks I need, assigned for different people and so on. It really helps me save time.” Natasha Katson, Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains

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Ash Pearson

4 years ago

We use this for bug tracking/issue reporting for both staff and customers. Our customers can submit a report which automatically creates a new ticket in YouTrack, and staff can email a special bugs@ email address which auto creates a ticket - they can then be prioritised and assigned to various engineers who are specialised in solving the issue. It works pretty well but I'm not a fan of their built in reports in comparison to other platforms.

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