Kapost is all about leveraging your content - from planning and producing to distribution and analysis. Whether it’s a sales presentation or a social post, it provides a central location to store and organise your content, puts it in front of customer-facing teams in a way that gets your words noticed, and feeds you with metrics to shape future campaigns and report on content usage.

Company URL: www.kapost.com
Category: Content ops & marketing
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PMM Reviews: “As a product marketer, the last thing I want to do is spend a lot of my time managing content updates and maintaining version control and Kapost has helped our company streamline the content management process. When a content request is opened, I can see all cross functional task due dates and can quickly respond to questions using the Kapost interface. We also use Kapost to manage our company wide assets so that they are quickly at everyone’s disposal which makes for easier collaboration and version control.” Gianna Davis, Product Marketing Manager at Equinix

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