From brand tracking and pricing research to conjoint analysis and 360 feedback, Qualtrics employs a whole host of tactics so you can understand your customers, brand and product like never
before. It uses advanced text and voice analytics to uncover insights buried deep in responses and incorporates AI and machine learning to give recommendations and route them to relevant people.

Company URL: www.qualtrics.com
Category: Customer & market research
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PMM Reviews: “We use Qualtrics for more complicated surveys and have also used them to field pools for us, do complex coding and basic analytics. I would say it’s the market leader on this and has deeper capabilities if you’re doing more complex studies (breaking surveys into parts for different samples, conjoint or van westendorp for pricing, etc.). The survey work we've done has informed our annual planning, fundraising, sales and marketing strategy and product roadmap - it’s definitely an investment worth making.” Kelly Esten, Lead Product Marketing at Toast

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