Appcues is a product-led growth platform and companies who use it have seen some pretty remarkable feature adoption, user retention and campaign response results. Within the tool you
can set-up personalised onboarding experiences, collect actionable insights (like NPS scores and qualitative feedback), deliver in-product announcements and provide on-demand customer support.

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PMM Reviews: “We’re new to AppCues and we’re loving the journey so far. We are currently using AppCues on a couple of our custom web applications with the objective of driving new product and feature adoption and tracking some basic metrics. It’s intuitive to use and comes with the support of an excellent account and customer success team so you don’t feel alone in the in-app notification journeys. Now, creating welcome flows and in-app guides are as easy as dragging and dropping a module on the relevant page and hitting that ‘publish’ button. We love it.” Angela Catalan, Director of Product Marketing at Nearmap

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