If you’re looking for a way to create and schedule things like news, updates and special offers,
this could well be your tool. Beamer works as an embeddable widget or standalone page, accommodates text, images, videos and gifs, comes with lots of segmentation options (like industry, location and behaviour), and sends push notifications even if someone’s not on your site. Sold? Well, it doesn’t stop there. You can also get feedback, analyse your results, customise your designs and integrate it with other apps.

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PMM Reviews: “One of the main reasons we chose Beamer is because they support a multi-lingual approach which is key to our go-to-market strategy, and we are now able to show our product advancement way better to our users. They don't feel like we're in a standstill anymore, it helps to create a better adoption of new features and we're currently seeing an increase in NPS and customer happiness again - not all of that can be directly linked to the implementation of Beamer of course, but it's one of the reasons for sure.” Benny Waelput, Product Marketing Manager at Teamleader

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