With umpteen new emails in your inbox every hour the last thing you want is a bunch more to organise a meeting. With Calendly, you can block out the days and times that don’t work for you so others know what does, then all you have to do is share the link (either via email or by embedding it on your site) and let the person on the other end pick a slot and add it to your calendar. Goodbye emails, hello simple scheduling.

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PMM Reviews: “As a product marketer, I used Calendly to set up win/loss calls for my product team. The tool automatically syncs with each product manager’s Google calendars - that way, when a recently won or lost customer is open to having a conversation, there's little to no barrier in finding a time that works for both parties. While many parties are "open" to having a conversation, many don’t follow through if the process takes too long. We've found that once we implemented Calendly, most (if not all) parties scheduled time after confirming that they were open to having a conversation.” Andrew McCotter-Bicknell, Associate Product Marketing Manager at ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg

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