Pipedrive is an activity-based sales CRM. It visualises the sales process in stages, prompts next steps so you stay on top of your pipeline, lets you send and receive emails in-app, automatically bumps tasks that are due or overdue to the top of your lists, and shifts activities down the line with a simple Kanban-style drag-and-drop board.

Company URL: www.pipedrive.com
Category: Sales Enablement
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PMM Reviews: “From a tech flexibility standpoint, I really like Pipedrive’s mobile app. You can view tasks within deals in a calendar view (daily summary), so it gives you a list of focused tasks for that particular bucket (company). I am a big tool junkie using things like Trello for task management, but having all of the context (you can add tasks within email threads or organizations, etc.) in one place that syncs with your calendar is very helpful.” - Farhan Manjiyani, Product Specialist at Qu POS

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