CI Radar

CI Radar uses a “hybrid” approach of AI technology plus our internal analyst team to achieve 99% accuracy along with much greater depth of intelligence than what “software only” solutions can deliver. We do the work for you, freeing up client resources to work on higher-value tasks.
In addition, with plug-in integrations with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Slack and others, it’s easy to deliver key information directly to specific audiences. This include sales teams which benefit from our automated updates to sales battlecards within your favorite CRM leads to drive higher win rates against the competition.

Category: Competitive Intelligence
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PMM Reviews: “The quality of what’s delivered is very high – that’s the result of our live analyst. It’s better than others. Not having CI Radar would be a double whammy. It would cost hours of lost time and less thorough Competitive Intelligence. Especially for our sales team which needs deep intel on the competition to win more deals.”  - Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Data Management Firm

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