The modern B2B buyer is looking for actionable advice and practical support to navigate the buying process. Marketers use Enablix to arms sales reps, and customer-facing teams with the relevant content to enable the buyers and win business. Reps have instant access to the right content. And they can easily create branded content pages and microsites to share targeted content with the right experience.

Company URL: www.enablix.com
Category: Sales Enablement
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PMM Reviews: "Internally we always had issues sharing Marketing collateral with our sales team, multiple places used to share like Google Drive folders, Emails locally saved outdated files. With Enablix, it is easy to point people in the right direction and we can assure that all content is up to date. Plus we can add the contents they need most. Looking at the analytics we can make decisions in what is needed to be improved, removed, and or promoted." - Eduardo Calegari, Product Marketing Manager, Dejero

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