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Aurora WDC supports both upstream product development and downstream product management. Key UPSTREAM services include competitive assessments, pricing studies, feature comparisons, market sizing, supply chain analysis / input pricing, and targeted industry forecasts. Key DOWNSTREAM services include market positioning and messaging comparisons, win/loss analysis & sales effectiveness, competitor and topic monitoring / current awareness software, price sensitivity analysis, M&A analysis, and competitive simulations.

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PMM Reviews: Aurora WDC takes its commitment to client privacy and confidentiality extremely seriously. Our clients ask us to perform analysis and research on sensitive topics – information that could change the course of their organizations. The simple fact that Aurora WDC is involved in an initiative would be valuable information for your competitors. For that reason, although we are proud of the work we do, we will not ask for public testimonials. Please contact us directly for a private conversation regarding client experiences conducted under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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