Sprinklr pulls in what customers are saying on social media platforms, messaging channels, blogs, forums, news and review sites, and then converts all that unstructured intel into actionable insights (using AI) so you can deliver personalised marketing, proactive care and amazing experiences.

Company URL: www.sprinklr.com
Category: Customer experience & engagement
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PMM Reviews: “Our entire marketing team shares a calendar within Sprinklr that has campaigns, tasks, creative content and action items all in one place. For example, the product marketing team will create a campaign in Sprinklr for our fall product launch. This campaign will then be filled with tasks that relate to ensure the fall product launch is a success. Automated workflows kick off new tasks so that everyone stays on top of deadlines. So, once a blog for the product launch is written and uploaded to Sprinklr, a task will automatically be created for the web team to publish this blog.” Rachel Alvarez, Associate Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Sprinklr

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