Sketch turns ideas into designs and prototypes and puts collaboration at the heart of the process. Within the app, you can do everything from creating animated timelines and turning wireframes into UI elements to transforming screenshots into mockups. Vector editing, pixel-perfect precision, 100s of plugins and non-destructive editing are just a handful of the tools that come as standard.

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PMM Reviews: “One of the things I really enjoy about Sketch is the ecosystem of plugins and resources that exist. For mockups and prototyping there’s Sketch App Sources and Sketch Repo which have a huge number of free templates, mockup and wireframe kits which can help you speed up your design process considerably. My favourite plugin has to be Marvel, which allows you to import Sketch prototypes into Marvel making it extremely easy to collaborate with and work on prototypes with UX designers, Product Managers, and Engineers.” Tejas Kinger, Product Marketing Manager at Hiver HQ

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