Perhaps the easiest way to describe Coda is a hybrid between a Word doc and an Excel sheet. It acts as a “single source of truth” while enabling each individual to see data, reports and processes the way they want, as well as automating tasks and connecting to external tools (like Slack, GitHub and Gmail). You can also view & copy docs, templates, tools and frameworks others have shared in the Doc Gallery to help you get started, or even publish your own.

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PMM Reviews: “The primary way we use Coda in PMM is for launch planning. We have created a Coda template for launches that includes a tiering framework, goals, audience section, messaging, milestones, tactics planning and so on. That means we don't have to start from scratch for every launch which frees us up to spend more time on the actual launch strategy.” Jasmine Jaume, Group Product Marketing Manager at Intercom

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