Owler lets you know what’s going on in the companies you care about by alerting you on 15 trigger events, including things like acquisition, leadership changes, restructuring and product launches. It sends push alerts so you’re always in the know and auto-syncs with your CRM to ensure new accounts are being tracked too.

Company URL: www.owler.com
Category: Competitive Intelligence
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PMM Reviews: “I use Owler for competitive tracking since it is much more useful than Google Alerts, even though it does the same sort of thing. Owler asks what company you work for and (usually) automatically presents you with the competitors you want to track. You can add or subtract companies to customize it and whenever your competitor releases news, you get notified. Owler only tracks certain types of publications so you don’t get spammed with market analysis or irrelevant info that is the majority of my Google Alerts. Their free version is pretty feature packed so give it a shot before paying for the premium service.” - James Allgood, Product Marketing Lead at Brightidea

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