Guru gathers all your organisation’s data - from the brains of your sales team to the words on your pages to the data in your platforms, unifies it, serves it up when people need it, and uses its learnings to continually refine who, where, what and when to deliver intelligence. That means less time looking for it, more time acting on it.

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PMM Reviews: “Guru’s my favorite tool on the market for knowledge management. It not only documents the information, but it focuses on the easiest ways to share info both internally and externally. Guru integrates nicely with Slack and has a feature called a “knowledge alert” — so whenever new info’s created (e.g. release notes, blogs, new messaging, etc.) that we want lots of eyes on, we can use a knowledge alert to have Guru send everyone a DM in Slack letting them know. Then, you can also use Guru as an accountability tool to make sure people are actually using this info.”- Farhan Manjiyani, Product Specialist at Qu POS

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