Created for salespeople, by salespeople, SalesLoft’s email service comes packed with templates, account tiering, personalisation tools and A/B testing. Its other products let you record, take notes, transcribe and share calls, gather actionable intelligence, automate multi-touch cadences, optimise sales activity, and so much more.

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PMM Reviews: “I use SalesLoft to draft, monitor and measure BDRs’ outbounding. Since we can create mass cadences, I can test and tweak our product messaging and have a gauge on how it’s resonating at the top of the funnel. That kind of messaging is massively helpful when it comes to then producing value props and hooks and determining which assets to produce, with what language. It’s a great way to quickly test messaging at the top of the funnel.” - Phill Brougham, Product Marketing Manager at Trint

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