Klue is an AI-powered competitive enablement platform that helps product marketers collect, curate, and distribute competitive insights. It helps enterprises to scale their competitive programs, enabling revenue teams with real-time insights to win competitive deals and delivering trusted and actionable insights across the org.

Company URL: https://klue.com/
Category: Competitive Intelligence
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PMM Reviews: "In today's dynamic competitive landscape, equipping sellers with the actionable competitive insights they need to compete confidently and win is a significant challenge. Cisco chose Klue to help us centralize competitive intelligence across our diverse global sales organization. Klue enables us to bring together market data, internal research and expertise which provides sellers and leaders alike a robust hierarchical repository of competitive data that's easy to search and distribute. And because it's accessible seamlessly through the sales tools they already use, it's extremely intuitive." Stefan Eller, Director, Worldwide Competitive Intelligence at Cisco.

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