The best product marketers know who their customers are, what they need, and how to bring those solutions to market. Loop is AI-powered customer and market intelligence to provide product marketing teams with a real-time understanding of market needs so they can build better go-to-market strategies. Loop automatically connects feedback from online reviews, win/loss notes, survey responses, and support tickets to provide the central source of truth for understanding customer needs, and leverages out-of-the-box natural language processing to provide fast and easy access to insights. Keep a finger on the pulse of customer needs, competitive threats, and product gaps. Strengthen positioning with the most powerful words your customers use to describe how you solve their problems. Quantify product requests to understand which features will have the most impact, and how they should be messaged to build market excitement. Drive measurable results by unlocking the real-time insights needed to build, position, and grow the best products.

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PMM Reviews: "Having everything in one place….from prospect feedback to customer NPS and online reviews… is tremendously helpful. This requires less heavy-lifting from me and my team, and we now have a complete picture of the key features that are driving purchase decisions. I don’t have to be reactive, I can be more proactive in arming Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Success with unbiased and critical visibility into the greatest value-drivers of our product. " - Stacey Finnegan, Director of Product Marketing at Boomtown

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