Seva is a single source of truth for modern go-to-market teams. We're a great fit for teams who rely on apps like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Confluence, and Slack to run their sales & marketing operations. Why? With so much knowledge hiding within them, teams spend hours trying to find and verify the information in them. Seva works by unifying the knowledge in each of those applications into a single, searchable, organizable source of truth. And best of all, you and your teams can be productive in days.

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PMM Reviews: "As soon as we launched Seva at Simulmedia, our sellers began discovering and using more content than ever, allowing them to spend more time in sales motion. It enables sellers to be self-sufficient and gave us in Marketing confidence that our content was being used accurately and quickly. The unique aspect of Seva that turned us on is their differentiated approach to onboarding, which focuses on achieving the lowest time to value of any solution.” — Todd Leonard, Digital Marketing Manager, Simulmedia

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