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The Product Marketing Tools of Choice directory is created for product marketers, by product marketers, to help you elevate your role with the best possible tools at your disposal.

In it, you’ll find 200+ tools that come personally recommended by PMAers, every core tool category - including competitive intel, sales enablement, messaging and more, and personal endorsements for lots of the tools listed.

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200+ tools across 14 core categories.

A product marketer’s toolkit is varied, so our directory is too. Here’s a flavor of what’s inside.

Why did we create the ultimate, product marketing tech stack directory?

With so many options out there it can be hard to know which tools actually deliver. Knowing other professionals have successfully tried and tested 100s of them will definitely make the decision-making process easier.

Some tools try to be a catch-all for every field and while many do it well, there’s a good percentage that don’t. If a tool has made our list, you can be sure it’s a perfect product marketing fit.

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We’ll be updating the list periodically and consistently checking out new tools to keep things fresh. So, if you're a product marketer and using a product that’s not on the list and you think should be, let us know on

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